Mall Kiosks

Franchise Business Opportunities

If you are looking for a new franchise business opportunity that could change your life, then Nanostate could be your answer!

Nanostate not only operates with retail products, we proudly have a very successful range of Mall kiosks throughout the world.

We found that a lot of people love Nanostate products, but they were not comfortable in applying the products themselves and would prefer a trained professional to apply to products for them. By setting up in shopping malls, we have a great audience to show what our products can do, our products are an impulse purchase, let’s face it, no one goes to the mall to get his/her phone coated or full body screen protector, it’s something that we do and we are passing by. Our kiosks have been specially designed to capture the attention of the passing traffic, with a crisp modern design and demonstration videos playing around the clock, we attract the attention of the passers-by time and time again which then obviously generates a good revenue.

We are looking for business minded people all around the world who can see the bigger picture with our products as a kiosk venue.



Our products require very little explanation to the client, the videos are very straightforward and easy to understand and any other questions the client may have, our fully trained staff are able to advise the best solution.

We offer exclusive rights in territories and an opportunity to resell the franchise within your territory, which means you would also be responsible for supplying stock directly to your franchisee and sharing a commission on each franchisee you sign up within your territory.

How much does a franchise opportunity cost?

The franchise prices vary depending on the type of business that you want to operate, either as a sole trader in a kiosk or you wish to resell the franchise as well (Franchise resellers are only available to people who operate a kiosk themselves).




Nanostate takes no royalties or any other type of monetizing scheme, you buy the stock, you keep your profits, it is simple as that.


We offer full training on location in your country.  All our training staff come from the UK, so rest assured that you are dealing with the best in the business from people who have hands-on experience and know how to give you the best possible training for you to be successful.

We have a location in mind

If you have a location in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us to see if it is viable to operate one of our kiosks within that location. We don’t agree to any location just to pocket franchise fees, we really care about our partners and we want them to be successful and unlike a lot of other people who just want your money and don’t care about the end results.

We would like samples

Please note that we do not offer free samples or small samples, we believe that for you to see if products are suitable in your marketplace, you must have a full sample pack to carry out your marketing for a serious opportunity. We offer a special sample pack which contains the Pro Service Kit along with all the other products – Alienskin, Shock Stopper, Nemesis, i-survived etc…  We charge full price for the sample kit and this is refundable if you go ahead with the franchise business.