Alien Skin is a NPF nanotechnology skin using the latest nanotechnology with amazing features & benefits ; Amazingly Alienskin will help protect your phone from the hardest of drops 
absorbing shockwaves. Shipping worldwide.

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Nanotechnology Full Body & Screen Protector Shield With Self-Healing – Shock Resistance – Anti Fingerprint – Lifetime Guarantee

Full body phone protector including screen protector

With our mobile phones being such a large investment, these days the most sensible thing for us to do is to find some form of protection. A lot of people use bulky plastic cases. Here at Nanostate, we wanted to eliminate phone cases from the equation which led us to develop a nanotechnology skin that will give you all the benefits and much more of a phone case without the bulk.

The reason that we purchase expensive phones is because of the way they look. So, it seems a bit odd that we spend extra money and then cover the features of the actual phone that we liked in the first place, but that is exactly what we do! If you do have some type of plastic case protection, you will increase the size of your phone which can make it uncomfortable in your pockets. Most phones, like the iPhone X iPhone XS Max, Samsung S9 and Note 9, have been designed to be comfortably fit into our pockets and sliding in out with ease.

Screen protectors are used to protect the LCD screens and we are all aware of the main problem of not having any protection on our phone, especially your mobile phones screen gets damaged very quickly with screen scratches or even worse a broken LCD or shattered LCD, the list goes on, even the hardest of glass is no match for keys and pocket change which will scratch your phone screen. We have either spent a lot of money or have a very lengthy contract with our mobile phone provider. In the UK, on the average, it is now two years contract, so the last thing you want is just after a few months, it is a phone that looks like it has been in a world war.

The number one insurance claim is for drop phones, and sometimes even a phone case would not be able to protect you against the shock of the drop that can cause internal damage to electronic components or a LCD becoming cracked or completely broken without a shock protector. We all have dropped phone at some stage in our life, some have been more fortunate than others and sometimes it can depend on the way the phone falls or what type of surface it has been dropped on, but it is complete luck what happens to your device. You may see a series of phone bumpers that have added protection on the corners and the back of your phone with added screen protectors, again these all increase the bulk of your device and there are not many cases or forms of protection that will flatter your device.

At Nanostate’s focus group, we concentrated on the main concerns people have with damaging their phones and tablets.

The main concerns were as follows:

  • Shock resistances to drops
  • Water resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Anti-fingerprint
  • Antireflective
  • Antibacterial

We took all these points into consideration while developing Alienskin. We also mentioned that if we use a special nearly invisible film that would cover the sides of the device, would it be a good idea? Everyone responded positively for this concept. Another question asked was if this product had a lifetime guarantee, would that be something that would encourage considering our product over any other products? Again the response was a definite.

Although we could not incorporate all the features from the focus group, we did a pretty good job of developing a lot of the points. Alienskin offers shock resistance, full body protection, self-healing properties from scratches and comes with a lifetime guarantee! You can see the other added benefits that we have added to Alienskin full body phone protectors.


Alienskin Nanotechnology Full Body & Screen Protector Shield For Mobile Phones
Self-Healing – Shock Resistance – Anti Fingerprint – Lifetime Guarantee

Alienskin is a NPF nanotechnology skin using the latest nanotechnology with amazing features & benefits.

  • Iphone XS
    Does not effect the glass finish of the iPhone X and iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, the gloss finish can be seen through the film.
  • Self-Healing Properties
    Watch a scratch incredibly repaired right in front of your eyes with Alienskins special Self Heal Nanotechnology.
  • Shock Resistance
    Amazingly Alienskin will help protect your phone from the hardest of drops
    absorbing shockwaves with its “Optimal Shock Technology.”
  • Full Body protector
    Unique all round body protection corners, sides, front & back of your device is fully protected.
  • Reduced Finger Prints
    Alienskins AF Technology reduces finger print marking on your device.
  • Chemical Resistant
    With Alienskin chemical resistance, you can easily sanitise your device with alcohol rub without having any effect on the skin itself, so if you’re working in environments where hygiene is paramount, this is a fantastic feature for you, or if you are just concerned about hygiene in general, there is no worry that you will damage your Alienskin.
  • Easily Removed
    Alienskins special formulated adhesive makes it easy to remove your Nano Skin at any time you wish without leaving any residue or marks on your device.
  • UT – (Ultimate Transparency)
    Alienskin uses UT which has incredible clarity and causes no delay on touch screens devices.
  • UV Block
    Alienskin can block up to 95% of UV rays which can discolour your device over long periods of exposure.
  • Water Resistance
    Also compatible with Nanostate Flash Flood (added water resistance phone protection coating)
  • Life Time Guarantee
    Free replacement If your Aleinskin ever gets damaged.


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So, while choosing the right screen protector or full body phone protector, you know where to come!

Special offers on the  iPhone X / iPhone XS / iPhone XS Max, Samsung S9 and Note 9


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Life Span

Lifetime Guarantee

Shelf Life

2 Years