If you have not already protected your device with flash flood I-survived is a special nanotechnology product that can revive your phone or mobile device from extreme liquid damage by just dropping in the back and waiting for 12 hours.

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i-survived Emergency Pack Help revive your device from water damage

We have all heard or experienced the horror of dropping our telephone in the toilet or in some other such place, the list is endless, not to mention the cost of getting your phone repaired or even in the worst scenario completely replaced. Here at Nanostate, we have developed a nanotechnology powder pack which would be able to revive your phone from the heaviest of water damage in four simple steps.

All you need to do is remove the battery, SIM, SIM trays and any covers etc. (if you can). Cut along the dotted lines to open the i-survived pouch and then pull the zip lock open. Pop your phone in bag, seal it and wait for 12 to 48 hours to let the nano packs get to work. The nano packs have their own breathable expandable skin that contains the nanotechnology powder which can absorb up to 100 times their own weight (They don’t have to be opened). So, no matter how much liquid is inside your phone, i-survived has the power to absorb every last drop. Hence, the chances are that your phone will start again. The pack has been designed to hold the biggest phones in the market, so no matter what the mobile phone model is, the i-survived bag will fit it in.


The Daily Mail Newspaper
In England has reported that half of the phones in the UK have been liquid damaged mostly by heavy water damage like in the toilet & sink being the top culprits.

The Worth Ave. Group
That offers phone protection insurance plans has reported that around 40% of their claims were for water damage iphones.

The i-survived is not a guarantee that your device will work, but a high percentage of devices can be revived using our product. The quicker you get your device in the pouch, the higher chances you have of it being saved.

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