Shock Stopper Screen Protector Phone Skin

Shock Stopper Screen Protector Phone Skin

Front LCD Screen Protector Shock Stopper Phone Skin


When we spend a lot of money on our beloved phones and tablets, we are always in need of some way to protect them from accidental drop on the floor even banging them, on the corner of the table for example. The possibilities are endless and the end result is always a loss of a phone or an expensive repair.

During the manufacturing stages of mobile phones, very little consideration is given to shock resistance feature of the device. Having little or no shock resistance is a major problem for mobile telephones. For example, if you drop your phone on the floor, the chances are that the LCD will crack, shatter or stop working completely. There is also a possibility that the components inside the phone can be damaged as well which usually means that it’s beyond repair. Sometimes, you can be lucky and get away with it but the chances are nine times out of 10 that you won’t be. If you drop the phone flush on the floor, the chances are even higher of the LCD smashing, cracking or not working altogether.

We have developed shock stopper to take this worry away from you. In the videos below, you can see the sort of abuse that shock stopper will take absorbing shock waves from any impact. Although shock stopper is not invincible, it has a high rate of stopping such incidents from happening to your phone.

There are other products in the market for a few pennies which are just a simple PVC screen protectors which really do not offer any protection against shock. Shock Stopper is not just a screen protector, it has nanotechnology which allows the film to have a high level of performance. The features of shock stopper are as under;


  • Shock Resistance
    Shock Stopper’s primary function is to protect your LCD against impacts that will cause your LCD to crack, break or scratch. Please check out our videos to see the performance against shock impacts to get a better idea of what it can do.
  • Anti-Fingerprint
    The major issue with mobile phones is the constant finger marks you get on the screen which really don’t affect the clarity of your screen to such an extent that it can’t be operated, but it’s just very annoying and can be very difficult to remove. I think we all have had a situation when we have tried to clean the front of our screen and the fingerprints still remain on the screen. Shock Stopper has anti-fingerprint technology and if any marks are left on the screen, they are very simply removed with most cloth material in one or two wipes to leave a pristine finish like new again.
  • Self-Healing Properties
    Self-healing technology is a fantastic nanotechnology that will self-repair any minor scratches that come onto the surface of the screen protector. If the cover gets a scratch, after three or four minutes scratch will disappear (The time depends on temperature). With conventional screen protectors, this is not possible and you are forever changing them, you know there is nothing worse than an annoying scratch in the middle of your screen!
  • Easy installation
    Everyone knows that the application of a screen protector is a major mission as you get bubbles under the cover. With shock stopper, it’s a bubble free application, bubbles disappear in 24 hours, installed in minutes DIY or at one of our Kiosk locations.
  • Chemical Resistant
    With shock stopper’s chemical resistant features, if you work in industry that desires high hygiene, such as working in the medical industry for example, you can apply alcohol rub on your shock stopper skin and it will have no effect on the product.
  • Water Resistance (Not a feature as standard)
    Water resistance is not a feature that cannot really be added into the film itself as the parts that need to be open have to be left open, e.g. your headphone jack. By using flash flood, you can apply the waterproof coating to the open areas of the telephone e.g. the earpiece, buttons, mic, speaker, charging point and headphone jack, giving you all round protection against liquid damage. For more information about flash flood, please click here. (Please note that the flash flood waterproof coating is added last not before the application of shock stopper).
  • ASTM International
    ASTM lab tested.


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So, if you are looking for a screen protector phone skin packed full of features, then shock stopper is the answer.

Life Span : Life Time Guarantee
Shelf Life : 2 Years

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