tempered glass

Liquid Sapphire

Scratch Resistant Liquid Screen Protector For Mobile Phone & Tablets
Liquid Sapphire is a permanent solution for protecting your mobile phone or tablet screen, amazingly it's above 9H hardness which means it's more scratch resistant than any tempered glass screen protector and invisible. An easy DIY application with simple instructions. Liquid Sapphire is water resistant, UV resistant and chemical resistant from Salt-Water, Alkali, Sodium Chloride & Acids. Tempered glass screen protectors are history!

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Titanium – Scratch Resistant Coating For Phones

Liquid Scratch Proof For External Aluminium Body Shells
Titanium is a fantastic product using the latest nanotechnology to protect your devices from scratches designed to the toughest spec possible above 9H hardness made can be used for the iPad, Macbook Air, iPhone 6 & 6S, iMac, Mini Mac, many of the HTC mobile phones & all other aluminum-based exterior casings/shells and rims.

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